Tashkonak Hotel is situated in the heart of Istanbul within easy reach of all major tourist attractions. The hotel is conveniently situated within walking distances of many famous landmarks such as Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar

When planning a trip hotel accessibility and locale are essential details to note, whether you are visiting Istanbul for a few days or have planned a longer stay. Centrally located in the Old City Sultanahmet, hotel combines the convenience of being within walking distance to many sites and a quiet neighborhood atmoshpere. The surrounding streets are clean and full of friendly locals. Visit the Blue Mosque by a three minute walk up the hill, or head in the opposite direction and walk down to the train that runs along the sea-side.

Tashkonak is easy to find location that makes it very convenient. Everything you want; shopping, restaurants, or historical sites are all within walking distance making it the perfect hotel to stay at.

Sultanahmet is a unique historic distric. There are few big hotels down there, most of the lodging is small hotels, apartments, historical hotels and individual small inns. There are lots of restaurants, shops and travel agencies on the street, but the hotel is on a quiet block, a short distance from the hubbub.


Driver Directions from Ataturk Airport

Taxis are available 24/7 and easy to find. All of the official taxis must have a digital taximeter. You will reach to Hotel Tashkonak from Istanbul Airport (IST) approximately in 60 minutes. Appx. 55 kilometre.
rnSabiha Gokcen Airport is in Asia side of the city and it takes 70 minutes due to traffic.
rnMost of the taxi drivers speak only Turkish or very limited English. Please print out the address description below in local language.


Taxi Description in Turkish for the Driver:
rnSahil yolundan Sirkeci yönüne giderken Kumkapı'dan sonraki Sultanahmet'in ilk girişi olan Çatladıkapı Geçiti'nden girilecek.
rnYokuşu çıktıktan sonra ilk sağa sapın sol tarafınızda Ayasofya Taksi Durağı sağ köşede ise sırasıyla Amira Hotel - Albatros Hotel - Sultans Royal Hotel ve Katelya Hotel'i geçtikten sonra solunuzda Dersaadet Hotel'in önünden devam edin yolun sonunda sağa dönün, Tashkonak Hotel caminin karşısında.