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Местное время: 19:12 Istanbul


Blending comfort
with elegance

* Время заезда 13:00, время выезда 11:00.
* Завтрак с 07:30 до 10:30 утра в крытом ресторане, расположенном в саду отеля Ташконак.
* В отеле подают только завтрак.
* Вокруг отеля есть много хороших местных ресторанов, где можно сделать заказ на доставку еды, и поесть в нашем ресторане в саду.
* Отель расположен в историческом здании, в нем три этажа и нет лифта.
* Размещение с домашними животными не допускается.

Terrace With Magnificent View

As many amazing sites that there are to see in Istanbul it is sometimes nice in your travels to escape to a quieter spot and sit back and enjoy the view. The Hotel Tash Konak offers 24 hr access to their private roof-top terrace. This quiet spot boasts an incredible view. Enjoy your Turkish coffee and Turkish tea while overlooking the harbour action of the Sea of Marmara, or slip up late at night for star gaziing and a peak at the Blue Mosque, breath taking in the night sky.

The terrace is a lovely additon to the hotel. It is the perfect place to read or relax before hitting the busy streets of Istanbul. The terrace could also be accessed at any time and was a very pleasant place to sit.

Hotel Has a Private Garden

Istanbul’s city streets can sometimes feel busy and full of action. Open buffet breakfast is provided in the our own private secluded covered garden restaurant.

After a day of city life retreat to the quiet, intimate garden at the Hotel Tash Konak. Sit and relax amongst the old stone walls and hydrangeas. Beautifully kept greens are the perfect hide-away for a relaxing afternoon or evening.

You can sit here in the sun sipping a glass of fresh Turkish tea or coffee in the midst of this teeming, bustling city.

You can also order dinner from near restaurants and you can eat at our garden restaurant.